Fuel Efficient Cars for Sale in Idaho Falls, ID

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Fuel-efficiency in Idaho

Finding a vehicle that has great fuel economy is typically a must have for buyers and with the state gas prices are in right now, it's even more pertinent to save every penny. So, what are some fuel-efficient vehicles to look out for at your local dealership? What factors are important to consider when calculating how to get your money’s worth? Idahoans know that dealing with snow, strong winds, far commutes and geographic location all play a part in how far one can get from gallon to gallon. Let’s break it down.

Most Fuel-efficient vehicles:

If you search for the most fuel-efficient vehicles, your results will be flooded with 2020-2023 models but we thought we’d expand that range to encompass all of this decade. First, we listed the mileage estimates for general models, (city, highway) followed in bold by the models you can come check out today.

Factors that affect you:

Every driver has to deal with the price of daily commutes to work and school, the toll weather takes on your vehicle and the overall accessibility their state has to oil. All of these affect how much you can get out of each trip to the pump so it's important to know what that looks like in your state. In Idaho, high gas prices are not as shocking as they might be in other places due to the lack of crude oil resources and refineries. That doesn’t mean Idahoans are sentenced to a life of expensive gas if we can get the very most out of each drop.

Daily commutes in the southeast region of Idaho range from 13-24 minutes, Bonneville county coming in at 19.1 minutes of average travel time. If you live a little farther from the Idaho Falls region, here’s some other counties and their average commute times so you have an idea of where most of your gas may be going:

  • Jefferson: 24.1 mins
  • Bingham: 21.9 mins
  • Madison: 13.7 mins
  • Clark: 24.5 mins
  • Butte: 19.7 mins

Why does this matter? If you look at the mileage your vehicle of interest offers, your daily commute and the price of your gas, you can calculate exactly how much efficiency you get for each penny here.

As you know, Idaho is notorious (or reputable) for its 8 months of winter with heavy snow, slick roads and strong winds– all of which take a toll on the efficiency of a vehicle. In fact, for every 10 mph of wind can result in a 13% decrease in fuel efficiency and Bonneville’s winds are about 20 mph on average.


Now that you know what factors can take a bite out of your fuel-efficiency and what types of vehicles are particularly strong in mpg, you have the tools you need to find your next vehicle. Come take a look today at which of these we have to offer at the moment.

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